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  • NRS Land Area and Population Density - Dundee City

    The following data set shows the land area and population density estimate for Dundee City. The data is sourced from National Records of Scotland Mid Year Population Estimates....
  • NRS Estimates of Households and Dwellings - Dundee City

    This data set contains Dundee City Estimates of Household and Dwellings. This data is sourced from National Records of Scotland Estimates of Households and Dwellings in...
  • Housing Available Now

    Properties available now from the Common Housing Register Properties are available now where; There is no queue of suitable applicants, The house has been refused more than 3...
  • Allotments

    Allotments are plots of land that are rented by individuals or organisations for the purpose of growing fruit, vegetables and/or flowers. There are several allotment sites in...
  • Operational Property

    Operational Property is that which is dedicated to direct service delivery e.g. offices.
  • Public CCTV Cameras

    Locations of public CCTV cameras.
  • Listed Buildings

    Buildings are listed by Historic Scotland for their special architectural or historic interest on behalf of the Scottish Government. The aim of listing such buildings is to...
  • School Catchment Areas

    Catchment areas of all mainstream schools within the Dundee City Council administrative boundary. Catchments are available for Primary and Secondary, Denominational and...
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