Electric Vehicle Charging

19 Janvier 2018

Interested in electric car charging?

Thanks to Drive Dundee Electric for sharing anonymised data on charge point usage from Dundee's network of EV chargers.  

The dataset shows every charge session from September to November in 2017, and lets you see which chargers are busier, how long cars charge and how much power they use.

You could combine the charge session dataset with the national chargepoint registry to map the charge points, or understand what locations are best for different types of charger.

When do Drivers Charge their Cars?

We can analyse the data to find when charge points are at their busiest - from the heatmap below it looks like Saturday nights are the most popular. Maybe due to the large number of electric taxi's in the city?

Chargepoint Heatmap with Time

The chart above was created using Python using Jupyter notebooks and Pandas (a data science library).  If you're interested in creating your own analysis you can check out the code

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