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This data set shows Dundee City Population Projections (2016 based) for Males broken down by single year of age. Data is shown for years 2016 to 2041.

The source of this data is National Records of Scotland Population Projections for Scottish Areas (2016 Based) Council Areas - 2016-based principle population projections for council areas by sex, single year of age and year. Crown Copyright 2018.

The data set contains population projections for the period 2016 to 2041. Although National Records of Scotland have published population projections up to 2041 they have generally only commented on the period 2016-2026 in their analysis. Projections up to 2041 have limitations in their use due to the level of uncertainty with projecting this far ahead.

The full National Records of Scotland data set can be accessed on the following website

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Dictionnaire de Données

Colonne Type Intitulé Description
Age Group text
2016 numeric
2017 numeric
2018 numeric
2019 numeric
2020 numeric
2021 numeric
2022 numeric
2023 numeric
2024 numeric
2025 numeric
2026 numeric
2027 numeric
2028 numeric
2029 numeric
2030 numeric
2031 numeric
2032 numeric
2033 numeric
2034 numeric
2035 numeric
2036 numeric
2037 numeric
2038 numeric
2039 numeric
2040 numeric
2041 numeric

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