School Meal Menus - Alexa Skill

School Meal Menus - Alexa Skill

Tayside Contracts provide meals in schools across Angus, Perth & Kinross and Dundee, and usually parents and pupils would have to check the menu cards to find out what's for lunch.

With new voice services and open data is there an easier way?

Alexa Voice Skills

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other providers let coders write new skills for their home speakers.

We took the school lunch menus and calendars and put together a really simple skill to find out what's on the menu. If you already have an Amazon Alexa all you need to do to get started is;

  • Search for Tayside Dinners and enable the skill for your Alexa
  • Ask "Tayside Dinners" what's for lunch

That's all!

Alexa will work out what day and week it is, and also remember whether you want the menu for primary or secondary schools.

(Ardler Primary School Farmhouse Breakfast

What's the code like?

We have published the code for the voice skill on Github so you can have a look and see how it works, feel free to let us know of any suggestions or issues and - and have a go at writing you own voice skill.

What's next for the skill and voice?

So far you can get the main course choices, but some of you have asked for desert too so we'll have that ready for the new term after Easter.

With the new data available on the portal what voice skill would you like to see next?

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